Apple Carplay Media Nav Evolution 9.1.3


Hi, hope this question is in the correct place!

I bought a new Clio at the start of the year (it was pre reg so its a 68 plate) My understanding was that from mid 2018 Clios etc would have the ability to use apple carplay. Now this was a big thing for me as im a big user of all things apple and loved apple carplay in my old car. However after not being able to connect myself i contacted the support chat only to be told the answer was just no my car couldn’t do it.

I love my clio so much, however I hate the multimedia system so much. The graphics are so outdated, it doesn’t work with spotify, The Siri function doesn’t recognise a word i say (yet siri on my phone does), Siri on Media Nav is so quiet and faint and the sound quality is appalling, It forces me when i plug my phone in to listen to songs i have saved on my phone (which is only one from years ago as i use spotify) which is infuriatingly difficult to then stop it and try and get music from elsewhere and lastly, i need sometimes to wait about in my car, i used to pass the time by watching a video/tv episode on my phone. Media Nav won’t let you do this whilst charging your phone as it will play the sound through the car (which isn’t a problem at all) however it doesn’t sync up with the picture on the phone, its waaaaay out and there is no option to just play the sound from your phone whilst charging.

I understand that i have Media Nav 9.1.3 – does anyone have any help or advice on how to improve this system, honestly i find it so difficult and just terrible in everyway. Im contemplating ripping it out to replace it with an apple carplay  compatible one or just cutting my losses and getting rid of my Clio!!!!

Any help at all please would be so appreciated.


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