Bluetooth and DAB Connected Problem

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I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem.  I have a 2017 Megane and I have a continual issue with the Bluetooth link to my phone dropping out when the DAB radio loses signal.

The problem goes as follows, when using DAB at some point, inevitably I’ll get a message saying Signal Lost – which I’ve heard is quite common.  It happens a lot if you listen to local stations like Heart FM (don’t judge – that’s my diagnostic station as it doesn’t take long to loose signal).  Once the DAB signal loss happens, the Bluetooth media of my iPhone disconnects and then reconnects, but when it reconnects, Rlink won’t let me use Bluetooth streaming and it no longer recognised my phone as being compatible with the smartphone features like voice control.  If you try to use them you get a warning message.

switching the stereo on and off solves it, but it’s really annoying.  It also happens if you’ve previously used DAB, but then switched to FM or another source entirely. It’s like once DAB has been used it doesn’t switch off and it has other effects too – like if the audio is muted, when the DAB drops out the radio will unmute when the signal returns.

My local dealership upgraded my software from 2.2x to 7.x as previously on 2.2 the drop outs killed the voice connection too.  On v7 the voice issue stopped.  When it didn’t fix the audio issue they decided to replace the entire rlink unit with another 7.x model.  That made no difference and they recreated the same fault using an android phone too.

Has anyone else had this?  Hardly the end of the world but annoying non the less.

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I had the same problem as this and have found the fix. You will kick yourself it is so simple. In the Bluetooth windows on your phone, fine the RLINK connection profile and click the little blue “i” at the right-hand side of the connection profile ont he Bluetooth device list. Once that window opens up, disable the sync contacts, voila, fixed


Hello ElkyD,

can you tell me what’s your version of iPhone and your R-LINK version ? It could impact your situation.

You can check the phone pairing to see if it helps :



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