Carminat tom tom essential update before 6 april

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I received a letter telling me to update the sd card before 6 April or tom tom will be rendered useless, when I enter the VIN on website  , it says my system doesn’t need any updates …so does it or not ?

Anyone else with similar situation ??

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what’s your multimedia system ? The update only applies R-LINK or R-LINK Evolution, if you have R-LINK 2 or Media Nav you don’t need the update.

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I updated my RB8 Rs286 with update 11.344. I now don’t have maps. Maps not found. What do I do now? I have tried Sync through Rlink Toolbox SD Card file with ticking maps. Nothing works. Unticked and reticked trying to get the file to save on card, but doesn’t seem to work. Like looks like it saves for a few seconds.

I updated to 11.344 and now it says no maps found when the SD card connected to car. have tried Sync SD manage maps through Rlin tool box on PC. Doesn’t seem to copy file properly to SD card. Help. Why not copying over onto SD Card. Have unticked map copied. Then ticked map and Sync. Then put back in car no maps found.

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