CarPlay with iOS 13.x on R-Link 2 not working

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Since the upgrade to 13.1 the CarPlay icon doesn’t show any longer on the car display. On the settings of R-Link I can see the smartphone with CarPlay listed. I removed the phone and connect it several times. I tried with other iPhone and it’s the same behaviour. However, when I use the same phones on Ford and Opel with CarPlay functionality, they work flawless. As it should.

The R-Link 2 officially supports until iOS 12.x devices. Either 13.x is not supported OR something is wrong with my car and I need to change a setting or reset the R-Link 2 system.

I updated to the latest FW on both the R-Link ad iOS (13.2), and it’s all the same.

Any advice?

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I have the same problem, but I don’t think we will find an answer here…

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