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Anyone else having the can’t connect for technical reasons on R Link 2 system ?

But after my mother had discovered my asshole father had been fucking anything in sight for years, she raised me to believe that sex should be special the first time, with someone who meant something like webcam girls – .

I not only agreed with her, but swore to her that I would be a better man than my father and would wait until I met someone special. Not that it had been easy. Although I’d never met anyone who I had a serious interest in until Jen, there had been a few girls who’d made it more than clear we could have some fun.

Sometimes I wondered if I wasn’t being an idiot waiting, passing up on some chances for a good time. But my mother was thrilled with my promise to make my first time meaningful and that had pretty much trapped me into keeping my word. There were times I thought I could just fool around and she would never know, but that would make me a lying dog no better than my father.

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I don’t know if you follow Boobs, Injuries, and Dr. Pepper, but Crystal was able to maintain her blog quite enjoyably through her recent delivery and return to work.

I for one would miss you, if your blog went away.

Blessings on the coming baby, the coming birth, and the trauma of your mother dealing with date heartbreak while intruding into your birthing experience.. And, yes, undoubtedly you learned your problem of picking the wrong guy from her, only she has had less practice at improving her skills. Maybe, ask your mother to comfort you, by reading aloud your earliest posts on picking bad dates!

And maybe have the Bro re-read about that Oedipus guy and *his* mum. Or MacBeth. Lots of reading about guys unhappy with his mother on a date. You might remind the Bro that if he is courteous to the dude, he won’t be considered the ‘enemy’ if Mom has second thoughts. Just being negative keeps him shut out of the advice loop, and maybe being a common ‘enemy’ will keep Mom and dude together longer.. Besides, anger is so very tiring, and courtesy is always good practice.

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