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Hi I’m looking workshop manual for grand scenic expression EDC 1.5dci2011

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There are multiple platforms on the internet that offers a workshop for the grand scenic expression EDC 1.5dci2011. this is a big brand like ig font. thermal paste is used in many areas of electronics, where fast and efficient heat conduction is necessary. There’s no expansion, no bleeding, and no thermal paste migration.

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I left the boyfs suit at the dry cleaners the other day and the very friendly Vietnamese guy said I could collect it on Saturday. I walked past there on Saturday and decided I couldn’t be arsed to go in at that moment and that I’d stop on the way back. Of course the suit is still there today and when I walked past earlier it had a sign saying that it had been closed due to unforseen circumstances! Fortunately there is a mobile number that I can call to get the suit back… The boyf and I were pissing ourselves laughing at the thought of the suit going AWOL and I guess I’ve learnt my lesson for trying to get cutprice drycleaning…

Thankfully I haven’t forgotten that it’s a big crackerjack family occasion on Saturday. My aunt and uncle are getting married after about 35 years together…I told the boyf I’d cut his nuts off if he made me wait that long…My ma and Daddy G (her boyfriend) are coming and I just hope and pray that we can make it through just ONE event where it doesn’t become holy show time… Last time she tried to replace my dad with Daddy G in the christening photos…. The time before that her and my dad had a bust up at my 30th because he showed up her up with true stories of what it was like to go out with her…And the time before that at the baby shower, she hooked up with Daddy G and got pissed out of her head…. Oh and apparently she was telling all and sundry at the christening that the boyf and I are getting married next year…in front of the boyfs mum…oh and actually inviting people to an as yet non-existent wedding! Mor-t-fi-f*cking-cation! Clearly there are some things I don’t forget….

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Men of any age could leave a woman for someone younger. It happens all the time with same age couples who were married young and the man is now wanting to go and sow his wild oats because he was married too young and too long and maybe had kids right away. But I would say that the older the man is when you meet him, (over 40) the more likely he is to know who he is, have more life and relationship experience, and know for sure if he wants children or not or maybe he already has them. As far as lying about age, it is amazing to me that people assume that if you “hide” your age, your hiding other things, like you’re an ax murderer, or embezzled money or have a crminal history. I agree with many on here, that online, men put in an “order” like a restaraunt, and they stick to what is on paper. We are numbers obsessed, age, height and income and weight. Men lie too about hieght and income. t’s different when you meet offline, then you have your charm and energy and connecttion to go on and often people end up with someone way different than what they listed online! However, when someone posts a picture of themselves that is clearly not them or 20 years ago, that’s just rediculous. I wish online sites had age categories instesd of numbers like they do in many surveys, because people sure stick to their numbers and have head trips around the number. I remember living in Europe, and when I was there, it was impolite to ask a woman her age, it should be the same here and instead focus on health, connection and if two want children or not and maybe over 40 or under 40!  Sadly, we women are not comfortable sharing our age because of the stigma since the beginning of man, and I’d say the revrese, if a man is really into you, he won’t care if you DIDN’T share your number! ‘d be more concerned if he got all concerned that I was hiding other things because I didn’t feel comfortable sharing my number! I don’t care if someone lies about their age, hieght or wieght, because I’ll base things on how we interact and the other important things as I understand that we live in a world where there is too much importance on numbers and those are really little things. So for me, I don’t get upset with someone hiding their numbers to me as I get it. But if we date younger, it’s less likely to work if he’s in his 20’s and 30’s because so many men think they want one thing at that age, only to change their mind in their 40’s, and he has so much more developing to do, as we all do in our 20’s and 30’s. I knew a couple where the man didn’t ever know his wife’s age, she was a bit older, and he didn’t care to know and in the old days, our grandparents generation, I hear it was common for women not to tell their age!

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