i cant install R.S. Monitor on my 2020 Megane RS!!!

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hello, so i own a 2020 Megane RS, i purchased R.S. Monitor, I CANT INSTALL IT!!!

i followed the instructions exactly, i installed other applications and they all worked fine, except for R.S. Monitor!! i simply cant install it!

so what u have to do (which i exactly did) is the following:
Step 1 : Retrieve information of your vehicle, put the usb in your car for 2 mins …
Step 2 : Download your apps and updates: so i put the USB back into my PC and run rlink toolbox aaaaaand … no R.S. Monitor shows up!!! why?!! all other apps i purchased or have in my account that is not their in my car rlink appears and i can download them to USB then proceed to installing them in my car and works perfectly fine, except for R.S. Monitor?!! WHY?!!! i paid for it, its there in my account, and its not working! i have been banging my head against the wall for 4 days now to try and make it work and its not! why?!!

can somebody please help with my R.S. Monitor issue?

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Did this issue get resolved? Because I’m having exactly the same issue on my RS300. RS Monitor is showing activated in R-Link Tool Box, but the app is not visible on my system in my car??


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I will contact the engineer team and ask them about your issue. I will reach out to you as soon as I have information.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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thank you, i hope somebody will get in touch with me soon as i have more details to share about my issue and screen shots as well which i can share with somebody from the support team to help fix the issue.

i beg you to please get in touch with me regarding this issue ASAP as im really sick of this, i bought the car and the feature and paid for it and i want it!!!


Is this the current Megane RS 280 (4 wheel steer) ?

I’ve got one and the RS monitor was preloaded on the car ?

I’ve got the larger portrait RLink 2 version screen and I just added it to my personalised home page. It’s a widget… Other things like media, air quality, etc are also there.. (home page settings lets you choose between a 1/2 or 1/4 screen display size)

I did the same thing and downloaded a free alternative clock. Couldn’t find it anywhere after I installed it, until I found it as a widget in the home screen section.

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yes its the current Megane RS 280 (4 wheel steer) ( i mentioned its a 2020 model)
and yes i got portrait RLink 2 version screen

and no the RS monitor IS NOT preloaded, again ITS NOT PRELOADED.

and i still cant install it until this moment!!

i visited my local dealer twice already and they cant do nothing about it, they say the issue is from renault side and they have been trying to get in touch with renault regarding my issue and yet to get a reply!!! and where i live there is ABSOLUTELY no contact detail or any communication method to get in touch with renault about this issue (i live in Dubai btw) all we get is the dealer contact, and renault is not helping the dealer to solve my issue!! what the hell is this?!! above all there is zero online technical support from renault and also no way to get in touch with them!! im SERIOUSLY MAD!!! never expected such treatment and frustrating after sale experience from renault!!

im seriously scared now; what if (god forbid) i got a serious fault or a breakdown with my car? how will renault treat me and how can i be assured i got my back covered?!!

looks like im gonna have to turn this into a legal issue! i paid 325 euros after all for a feature that doesnt work and renault is not even trying to care!

yes its the current Megane RS 280 (4 wheel steer) ( i mentioned its a 2020 model)
and yes i got portrait RLink 2 version screen

and no the RS monitor IS NOT preloaded, again ITS NOT PRELOADED.

and i still cant install it yet!!

i hope somebody from Renault may respond.

I feel your frustration mate ..

Seems that when anyone encounters a problem, the service support (we all expect) is virtually nonexistent…

Hope you get given a solution to your issue…

I’ve only ever researched the actual car when buying a new vehicle .. Never considered I’d need to research the manufacturer (wish I had now)

seeing how aggressive the Renault marketing is and how active their pre sale teams are im so surprised and disappointed with their after sale quality of service and the non existent support!

seems finding a unicorn is easier than finding a Renault support agent!