i cant install R.S. Monitor on my 2020 Megane RS!!!

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hello, so i own a 2020 Megane RS, i purchased R.S. Monitor, I CANT INSTALL IT!!!

i followed the instructions exactly, i installed other applications and they all worked fine, except for R.S. Monitor!! i simply cant install it!

so what u have to do (which i exactly did) is the following:
Step 1 : Retrieve information of your vehicle, put the usb in your car for 2 mins …
Step 2 : Download your apps and updates: so i put the USB back into my PC and run rlink toolbox aaaaaand … no R.S. Monitor shows up!!! why?!! all other apps i purchased or have in my account that is not their in my car rlink appears and i can download them to USB then proceed to installing them in my car and works perfectly fine, except for R.S. Monitor?!! WHY?!!! i paid for it, its there in my account, and its not working! i have been banging my head against the wall for 4 days now to try and make it work and its not! why?!!

can somebody please help with my R.S. Monitor issue?

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Did this issue get resolved? Because I’m having exactly the same issue on my RS300. RS Monitor is showing activated in R-Link Tool Box, but the app is not visible on my system in my car??


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