Idle car necessary during upgrade?!

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When upgrading the Media Nav on my 2019 Clio IV it told me that I should not turn off the engine while upgrading. It turned out that the upgrade took a pretty long time. I was essentially braking Danish law to upgrade, as it is not allowed to keep your car in idle for more than 3 minutes. Besides that, it is really bad for the environment to sit around with a car in idle for 30+ minutes while upgrading the entertainment system.

I know that the reason you want us to keep the engine on is so that the Media Nav does not turn off during the upgrade, but maybe there could be a more clever way to design this? For instance that if you are running an upgrade, it will not turn off.

What is Renaults thoughts about this?

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I’ve got a Megane RS280 and you don’t have to sit in park/neutral to update … I’d assume it’s the same on a Clio ?

It’s ok to drive whilst it’s updating, just don’t touch or change anything on the screen.

I wait until it recognises the update (sometimes 3 minutes) before moving off, then it just does it progress bar thing.

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