Looping error when applying the essential update to Carminat Tomtom


When I put the SD card in my laptop it crashed my Windows 10 laptop. After several attempts, and windows telling me there were errors with the memory card which needed to be fixed (I didn’t allow windows to scan and fix the card – should I?) , I was able to apply the essential Carminat Tomtom update. The instructions then said put the SD card in the Carminat Tomtom, let it set up, put it back in the laptop. But when I put it in the Carminat Tomtom device, I kept getting a loop of different hourglass screens for about 10 minutes. I put it back in the laptop and after it causing a crash again several times I got a message that it needed to go back into the Carminat Tomtom device. So I put it in and waited in the car while it looped for over half an hour. Now I’m only getting crashes when the card goes into my laptop. What should I do?

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