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Not sure which location to post this but basically updated R-Link toolbox today as it said it needed an update (R-Link 1). I then brought in the car’s SD card to check for any updates on maps etc (just in case). On inserting SD card to Mac, I got a message from R-Link toolbox that the SD card was corrupted and needed to be restored, which I did. Then found I had to re-update R-Link toolbox for a second time. Then (with everything restored onto the SD card), I inserted the SD card back into the car. Initially it didn’t update the R-Link software (in car) but after going through the process again, the update was applied in the car.

But R-Link then gave me the ‘no maps found’ error with the ‘navigation’ tab greyed out on R-Link. These had maps on from the point of purchase – and I subsequently paid for and applied a single UK update in October 2017.

The SD card (when brought back to the computer) regularly says it is corrupted (although not every time). So I continually have to ‘restore’ the SD card. The folder on the SD card shows two files ‘TOMTOM.000’ and ‘TOMTOM.001’ but despite this, R-Link in the car seems unable to pick up the maps on the SD card. I’ve tried the process repeatedly. It’s the original Renault SD-card and I remove and insert the card very carefully (I’m a techie / by trade). Can’t see anything wrong visibly with the card and obviously it applied the software update to R-Link.

My R-Link store area variously seems to recognise my purchases and possible updates etc and allows me to manage my SD card. Other times it’s unable to pick up my SD card at all… Shambolic!

Any advice anyone? Should I pay for another map upgrade? Get another SD card? Thanks. Absolute pain! R-Link seems a very cumbersome system! Thanks again.

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To update… messed around more with the R-Link store > My Account and My Updates (with SD card installed). Found that the UK map update hadn’t been added. So then added that to the SD card (which had again said it needed to be restored), then inserted into car, system updated, restarted and… ‘no maps found’…


Hello zero,

I’m really sorry for your inconvenience. Did you try the whole process with another SD card ? That way we could determine if the problem is from it, or at least eliminate this option as a source of the issue.

I will reach out to the engineer team to try to find a solution in the meantime.



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