Megane 2 upgrades


Hi all! It’s really hard to come across a Megane forum or community sites on the internet, so I have a few questions I hope someone here can answer.

  1. is it possible to retrofit any of the megane 2 redesign parts (2006. To 2003.)?Specifically I’m thinking instrument cluster, head and taillights and any other parts of interior?
  2. is it normal that rear springs sit slightly bent? Since the shock is not in the middle to keep it aligned. Anyways, how to check if my shocks are worn?
  3. is it possible to program keyless entry with an existing regular key card?
  4. any specific reason for rough idle on 1.5 dci?
  5. what is the best oil to use walmart one in an 200k km 1.5 dci? 10w or 5w. Elf or something else?
  6. can I retrofit seats from redesign megane 2 and the hand rest if I have just the compartment
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