New Zoe SD-Card

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Working in IT I am accustomed to never working on the only version of a application unless I have a backup. When I chat with renault on their support page they say it’s not possible to make a backup of the SD-Card which comes with the car. This seems incredible as they don’t last for ever and I’m sure its not impossible to make a mistake when updating or adding maps which will render the entire system useless. No doubt you can buy another one – but – backups would be the answer.

Has anyone found a way of doing this – there are plenty of apps available for cloning sd cards – mainly for the hobby raspberry pi community. I’m reluctant to buy any more maps until I know I have a backup.

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It’s very interesting Because I always use an SD card on my phone. Because I save my personal data on my SD card and it’s very helpful for me. Gustavo Woltmann

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