Problem tableau de bord, Sisteme R-Link, who knows? Mistère…. Who dares to answer?

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I’m so frustrated with Renault…

After 5 years trying to resolve a problem with tableau de bord and R-Link, finally got “appel constructeur.” Stupidly believed that they would finally DO something, got the car back from Garage Courcelles with nothing done! Not even a simple update!!!!

Call the so-called “Customer Service” talked to 4 different people, telling my story. They all do the same: ” Madam, I am going to investigate and get to the bottom of it and I will return your call.”

I never receive any call. Ever. I must have talked to 20 different people in Renault, and nobody has the BALLS to explain to me what’s going on. It’s absolutely utterly ridiculous.

I think at one point through their “investigation” they find out how wrong Renault have treated me, how misleading the company has been with me all those years, from Directeurs of Renault Rive Gauche Mr Abbé Pierre and Mr Serralta, also Mr Carlos Pereira, Mr Patrick who knew I had a problem since I bought the car, all the way to Sandra Furter and Valentin Delvallez Conseillère Relation Client Multimédia

who was the last people I talked to, everybody just stops helping me at one point and suddenly I’m old news, bad news, and NOBODY CARES.

Now, I’m just tired of trying. But I won’t just complain. I will be relentless trying to tell anyone about my horrendous experience with Renault.

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