R-Link 2 connection problem, xiaomi redmi note 8 pro.

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Hello everyone!

I have an Renault espace 2018 with R-Link 2.

When i connect my Xiaomi redmi note 8 pro to the R-link 2 through Bluetooth my i cant

use the buttons on my steering wheel . I cant answer on calls or turn of calls , even next song if i stream from the phone.

I had red phone icon on the R-link 2 and an every 60 seconds i have sound like “pling” through the speakers.

I have never lost connection. But on my wife’s iPhone 8 the phone icon is green and everything is working fine.

The R-link 2 is update at my Renault dealer. Its same issue before the update and after the update. Also the phone is up to date.

Someone have any idea?

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