R-link 2 Upgrade Europe – Representative dealership refuses ?

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Hi there !

I was looking to upgrade my 2.2.x R-Link 2 to version 3.3.x.

I have a Renault Megane GtLine Dec 2016 and I have seen other cars with the update, I was looking to get Android Auto and phone mirroring on the car.

I don’t have an official dealership in my city but only a representative dealership. They said they are unaware of any updates (-_-)

Online I found this, I cannot update the car myself in Europe, but international its ok ? At least the dealership should have the official update ?

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With Renault you can easily connect to the server of car and global positioning system. The Europe R-link 2 upgrade has refuses papers owl reviews with the dealership of ventures to the extent.

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Today, it is not possible to switch between generations of R-LINK 2 (from 2.2.x R-Link 2 to version 3.3.x).

Happy New Year.



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