Renault Megane 2018 update R-Link2 gone bad?!

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Hi, i tried to upgraded my Megane today! i did everything by the book unntil i had waited almost one hour in the car with a black screen. Now i cant get the screen activatied. is there a hard reset (the buttons on the side does not work) or do i have to go to my dealer?

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Hi Mad Fox,
Did you ever get this sorted out or did you have to take your car to dealer?
I have a 2018 Megane 1.4 TCE GT Line and was thinking I need to update my system, but I’ve read a few horror stories about it going wrong. If I took a new formatted flash drive to a dealer would they do it?

Hi Darkside.
I took the car to the dealer and they are gona change the radio, I am thinking if it works dont upgrade! Yes let the dealer do it for a little money, then you are safe.