Smartphone Mirroring – Android Auto


Make and Model: Renault Megane IV GTLine 2017

Software Release:

Boot Release: 4992

The Smartphone Mirroring option is not available under the system menu(see screenshot). How do I update the software to make the option available?

I would like to have the ability to connect with android auto.

According to this list this model should have support for android auto:

It was quite a surprise to find that the option was not available as this feature was one of the motivations for buying this specific make and model. Trying to get help from a Renault dealership has proved fruitless as no one seems to understand what is smartphone Mirroring or Android Auto. There is also no official information that I could find from Renault explaining why this feature was not available.

If there is a way to do the update myself please point me to the right direction.

I have tried searching the internet and it is very difficult to find any information whatsoever that could help me fix this problem.

I would greatly appreciate any help. Hopefully someone from Renault with comprehensive introductions on how to get Smartphone Mirroring and have android auto working on the car.


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