Tomtom carminat system

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Hi there all, I have just bought a renault megane dynamique which has tomtom carminat fitted in it, when the car is powered up the sat nav system says, system not configured please connect a diag tool. Can anybody help me please,

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Hello Longy,

here is how to proceed :

The first step is to download the TomTom HOME application and register with TomTom.

You can find instructions on how to download and register with TomTom, as well as the installer itself here :

Through this application you may view the content in your device, download any products and services, and personalise your device.

Once you have registered and downloaded the TomTom HOME application you may now take care of the SD Card.

Hope it helps,


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Carminate system Tom Tom built a navigation system with a regional map and help to find the way. You can find your way from this system and give your about this system that work likely google map.

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