Traffic announcements not working

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I’ve had a new megane since March this year and have never been able to get the traffic announcements working.  This is something that worked perfectly on my last megan’s with tomtom.

When we will be getting an upgrade so that the traffic announcement work?

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Software release TomTom traffic is in my product list on the store.



what is your R-Link 2 software version (2.2.xx, 3.3.x.x, 7.0.x…)? You can see this information on the screen “System information ” available on Menu -> System -> System information and look at the line “Software release”.

After you have to check on the R-Link Store in  “application and services” that the TomTom trafic subscription is valid. (you can also check that on the R-Link Store on the véhicle in the option “My applications”. )

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Software version and TomTom Traffic is listed on my products in the link store but it’s still not working. Have tried switching settings off and on and still no joy. Any other suggestions?

Surely Traffic Announcements refers to the Radio and has nothing to do with TomTom ???
I have a Kadjar and radio traffic announcements have never worked even though enabled in FM and DAB.