Unable to connect to multimedia via the USB or blutooth for Iphone X – 12.2 IOS version

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I am the owner of Renault Kadjar-2016 which is having RLINK 2 Device(Updated the RLINK software to latest version(,

Blutooth pairing and USB connectivity was working fine until I have upgraded IOS version 11.2.

after updating the IOS version to the latest versions it stopped working, When I try to connect via the USB- USB connectivity was showing in the display but it is greyed out(Unable to select) and same via the blutooth(I am able to pair up the device) but when I try to play songs using youtube app in the phone it is not working.

I am able to call and receive the calls via the blutooth, Only problem is with multimedia – USB connection and blutooth connections are disabled when trying to play songs via the IOS device(Iphone X, Version 12.2),

Any advise on how to play songs using Iphone X youtube App in my Kadjar speakers?

Thanks in advance.

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Have just updated to iOS 14 on my iPhone XR but didn’t find any issue. Ensure that you’re running the latest version of iOS, iOS 14.3. If you’re not, you can backup and update your device and test further.

– Be sure to remove any accessories attached to your device to ensure they’re not interfering.
– Ensure that CarPlay isn’t restricted under Settings > General > CarPlay.
– Forget the Kadjar speakers from Settings > General > CarPlay > [Your Speaker Name].
– Forget the iPhone from the settings (stereo user guide for instructions).
– Rename the iPhone in Settings > General > About > Name.
– Reset network settings on the iPhone. (Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings)

Note that resetting your network settings will remove a variety of settings and stored information regarding cellular networks, Wi-Fi networks, and more (refer this post).

If the issue persists after completing the steps above, you can get support from Apple website.

Take care!


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