Xiaomi 9T Pro and BT drops


Dear all,

My wife’s having an issue with the R-Link 2 (Grand Scenic 2017) and her phone: Xiaomi 9T Pro. Bith are up to date with the software.

The issue in brief:

Phone pairs without problem with the car, media plays without any issues (Spotify), but whenever she receives or makes a phonecall, the problems start… As soon as the call is dropped, the BT and media start acting wonky: the music is behaving like Spotify was pausing the playback and resuming it constantly each second. The phone call end signal also has a kind of a stutter. And that’s when she’s lucky. In a worse case scenario, the in-car BT drops/crashes/hangs  completely and won’t allow pairing with any device, be it my phone, hers or anyone else.

The R-Link did present an “Contact synch” error, so I hoped that by disabling this option would solve it. Unfortunately no. Tried on the phone: changing BT bandwidth, codec, clearing cache, downloading files from Spotify, not using other functions of the phone (WiFi, GPS) but nothing solved the issue, so I’m begging to suspect that the issue is with the R-Link, not phone unfortunately.

Any suggestions or tips?

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